Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flash Cards

Head Magnet "Headmagnet is a learning tool that helps you to memorize new facts quickly and maintain what you have learned. Headmagnet helps you to predict when you will forget things, so that you can review only what you need to." Based upon memory and cognition research - helps you learn what you need to learn. Take the tour here.

Quizlet - "largest flash cards and study games website" - create your own study cards or search the public decks. You will need to download Siverlight to use the site online (the link is available at the site). Syncs with Flashcards Pro app (free) for the iPodTouch, iPhone or iPad which allows you to study anytime.

CueCard - an electronic flashcard program download with multiple features including ability to import audio and graphics. Keeps track of correct responses and can be printed out.

Study Stack - create interactive web-based flashcards or use ones that are already created; if you use stacks that are already created, check them first as there are errors in several of the created stacks.

Flash Card Machine - allows the user to create interactive web-based study flash cards.

Flash Card Exchange - large online library of flashcards. Create your own, study online or offline. Can be downloaded to Word, & Excel

Recall Plus - Students can organize their notes, create flashcards, make use of 3D tools and more in this great mind mapping tool. It is downloadable.

WordStash - Half flashcard, half dictionary, and full awesome! Teachers can create class accounts and word lists for students.

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