Thursday, September 16, 2010

Writing in the Digital World

Lang-8 is a very large online community for language exchange. On this website you can submit writing or grammar questions for review, and you usually receive a very quick response from the community. Become an active member of the website and you will have the opportunity to improve your writing skills, and help other people trying to learn your native language. is an online community of writers at every level. After you sign up for your FREE account, you can read others' submissions, enter writing contests, and get feedback on your writing.

At the Orange Education Center, the students have posted their paragraphs for others to see! The site also offers grammar exercises and writing topics that you can use for extra practice outside of class. You can review other students' paragraphs before you begin to write, which can help you with developing your ideas. You can also think about areas where these students might be able to improve and use that to help your own writing too! Check out Orange Education Center's Student Blog for a chance to see other students' writing, and leave them a comment about what you think!

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